Tuesday, December 09, 2008

east brunswick

we went to the east brunswick for dinner last nite (me and some co-workers). one of my co-workers is vegan (although not strict vegan-- a vegetarian allergic to dairy and plain eggs) and the other 2 are meat eaters so we figured this would be a good local place where everyone could easily be happy. we all ended up ordering basically the same thing. 2 vegan "chicken" burgers and 3 real chicken burgers. the vegan chicken definitely looked much better than the actual chicken (one meat eater described her real chicken as "spam-like"). the vegan "chicken" was REALLY greasy (deep fried) though. it tasted good but my stomach didn't like it afterwards. i was a little sad that the tandoori "chicken" (we all started using quotes when talking about vegan "meat" vs real meat) wasn't available (it was on the specials menu) because it sounded really good. i think i might have to get the "cheeseburger" next time (zac got it once and i tried it-- soooooo good!). with $10 meals on mondays there's no reason we aren't going there more often (i've only been 3 times and always with meat eaters who are disappointed in their meat meals).

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