Friday, December 05, 2008


we finally went out to celebrate zac's changing of jobs ( from over a month ago)by going out for dinner at the morrocan soup bar. i forgot how much i LOVE that place (its been ages since we've been there). i was kind surprised at how "empty" it was, especially for a friday (it was only about 3/4 full when we left about 7pm). i think it was because of the heat (i did say to zac when he suggested it, that it'll be hot in there-- fortunately it wasn't because it wasn't that crowded). usually you have to get there right at 6 when they open (or even wait outside before 6). we got the banquet (as always). basically the menu is spoken (although i've never actually heard it cuz we just go for the banquet every time) and it's all vegetarian. the banquet starts with a small glass of mint tea (with a lot of sugar) then an entree (appetizer to north americans) of assorted dips and pita bread. the mains are an assortment of rice, lentils, cous cous, salad, veggies and my favourite (the only non-vegan part of the meal): some sort of yogurt dish (plain yogurt, toasted pita bread broken into small pieces, chick peas, smoked paprika and i think slivered almonds--- sooooo AMAZING. i gotta find a plain soy yogurt so i can make vegan at home). finally dessert: small cookies or other sweets and turkish coffee. i think this time is the first time i haven't walked out feeling over full (just nice and full) which is weird cuz they actually did bring out an extra plate of food for zac to substitute for the yogurt dish (that doesn't always happen). i only got the yogurt one because (besides being soooooo good) i'm trying to re-build up good bacteria in my body that would have been killed off with the masses of antibiotics that i was taking (lots of yogurt--although the soy yogurt i get also has live cultures, tempeh, and miso).

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