Thursday, November 27, 2008

if you don't like the weather.....

in melbourne they say "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes". if i'd done that today i wouldn't have had nearly as much fun.
in the last 5 minutes of my shift at work we heard a couple rolls of thunder and a few large drops of rain fell. i had taken my rain gear out of my bag at lunch because if it wasn't raining at the end of my shift i was going to the supermarket and i didn't want my bag filled with rain gear. if it was raining i'd just go straight home so it wouldn't matter if i got a bit wet. even though i saw the dark clouds, heard the thunder and felt a bit of rain i decided to take my chance at the supermarket. i was hoping the storm would pass while i was inside. i came out and everything was a bit wet but not like a storm had come thru. the moment i had my bike unlocked and started walking along the covered sidewalk to the road HUGE drops of rain started pouring down. i thought about waiting undercover infront of the supermarket because i knew the storm would pass within 10 minutes but what would be the fun in that (and there was a kid busking with his violin and he wasn't very good-- 10 minutes of that after a day of kids yelling and crashing things wouldn't have made me a happy person). i got on my bike and rode the 5 minutes home thru the storm. i actually really like riding in rain when its warm and i'm on my way home where i can change out of wet clothes. i passed a bike rider going the opposite direction at one point and we both smiled as we passed-- we're definitely having more fun than the people in the cars with rain pelting their roofs, echoing in the inside of their car. i swear, the INSTANT i rolled my bike under our carport the LARGE, POURING DOWN drops of rain turned to a light spring shower. by the time i changed out of my dripping clothes the rain had stopped completely. the photo above is the tail of the storm just after it passed over our house.
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