Friday, November 28, 2008

grey and rainy

after the hot weather, the thunderstorm and the humidity now we've gone to mild, grey and drizzly rain. it'd be good if it would at least rain hard because this drizzly rain is a bit useless.
we had big plans for tonite too. it's my first weekend i'm drinking again (for 6 weeks while i was sick and on medications) and we made plans to go celebrate zac's new job and ending of his old job (which happened a month ago-- the the peak of me being really sick). we were gonna go for a drink after he finished work then head to the morroccan soup bar as soon as it opened at 6 (the ONLY way to get a table there, especially on a friday nite) then we'd meet up with a friend for drinks or something after dinner. the grey sky finally broke into rain just before i left work (but not hard enough rain that i actually wanted to go to the effort of putting on the rain gear i had in my bag). now our pre dinner drinks and meal out have turned to pizza and beer on the couch. hopefully the rain/drizzle will stop and we'll still meet up with our friend later tonite. maybe i should put up the christmas decorations while its nice vancouver-y christmas weather.

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kate-elmore said...

Im from NSW and our weather usually follows urs.
How good was the hot weather, started out to be a very nice spring. however it all changed didnt it.
im sittin in the middle of a thunderstorm, my lights keep flickering at every flash of lightning and my dog is hudddled under my feet trying to escape the storm. Atleast its actually raining though. The last 2wks all its been is grey and cloudy and miserable, with just enough rain to ensure my hair is dull and ridiculously frizzy. so i look froward to the continued bad weather. NOT. Lets just hope it gets all the yucky weather over with now and gives us a beautiful chrissy and newyear, not to mention a hot summer wouldn't be too much to ask for, it seems like yrs since we've had a true aussie scorcher of a summer.
at least imnot the only one whos plans are being ruined by this yuk weather.