Friday, November 14, 2008

haven't talked about the weather

i usually mention the weather fairly often. i guess the fact i've been inside most of the last 3 1/2 weeks has meant i don't get to enjoy what's going on outside. its finally starting to be summer-y (only a couple weeks til it's officially summer). we've had some hot days (and nites) this week. this morning was kinda "cold" after 3 nites where it didn't get much below 20C (and days over 30C) but we did get a couple good thunderstorms roll thru with some much needed rain (and now we have a nice sunny mild afternoon). hopefully soon i'll be well enough to fully enjoy the weather (get out and do some hikes) cuz i had a bit of setback in my recovery this afternoon-- ended up having to go back to another doctor (i've now seen 3 doctors at the non-bulk bill clinic who have all been amazing) and on another drug as well as i got a shot of penicillin. i think maybe i pushed things a bit to hard this week so i suddenly started having a chest ache and painful cough from lunch time onwards today. gonna take things pretty slow over the weekend (other than a 1/2 day of work tomorrow morning to meet next year's kids. i'm gonna make sure to not physically do much at the orientation though-- even if it means i'm a bit useless in the setup and clean up for the day).
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Beverly said...

Enjoy the warmth!