Saturday, May 24, 2008

sleeping in

the past couple mornings have been freezing (literally). with the wind chill its been just over the freezing point. of course those are the 2 days of the week that i have to be at work at 8 instead of 10 and therefore i have to get out of bed first (and the heat has only been on about 2 minutes by that point). this morning apparently it was in the minuses with the wind chill. fortunately i wasn't up for that cuz its saturday and why would i get out of bed when its cold? when i finally decided i'd get up, i turned the heat on and just curled up in bed for another 30 minutes. even the dog isn't stupid enough to get out of bed when its that cold. the past few days she doesn't get up when zac's alarm goes off (or this morning she would have normally gotten up when his alarm would be going off-- she runs like a well tuned clock). we actually called her softly and even talked to each other (usually causes her to come flying on the bed to dive under the covers). no way was she gonna leave the coziness of her bed to come to us (even if it is just for a second until she is under our covers by our feet). the only time she's gotten up during the nite is when she's stretched and her blanket has come off her so she's cold. as soon as i tuck her in again (after she wakes us up) she's happy and sleeps until she has to get up.

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