Wednesday, May 14, 2008


i finally got the insurance money thru and replaced my bike!!! the shop where i originally got my bike was willing to get the same model in from the manufacturer for me and i figured i'd go with that since i couldn't find anything else i liked in the price range i had. for some reason i never checked the bike shop on syndey road. zac and i happened to walk in there on the weekend and zac pointed out a bike he thought might be a good one for him in the future. i looked over and saw the GT transeo. it looked good and exactly what i needed (i didn't do much mountain bike riding on my avalanche and this was a very similar looking bike but more of a hybrid frame and wheels). it was also on sale for only $439 (i knew i would only be getting a maximum of $500 from the insurance money since my bike was taken from open air in the front of our house). i went back to ivanhoe cycles today to see if they had any transeo 4.0's in stock just since i've been dealing with ivanhoe cycles for a couple years and they have good service. unfortunately they didn't have any in (just the more expensive 3.0) and they weren't able to get any. i called the shop on sydney rd (ray's) and they had several in stock and in the right frame size! i went and tested it out and liked the feel so i got it (and a new lock and pannier rack). now i'm back to my own bike again (i just gotta get used to the different feel so it really feels like my own again).

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Lynn Relyea said...

Good luck with the new bike. I like the old fashioned ones myself but haven't ridden in a few years.

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