Saturday, May 17, 2008

keeping warm

i've been sitting at the computer for a half hour or so and thought i was freezing just cuz i wasn't moving much. then i checked the weather. there's a reason i'm freezing: our house isn't much warmer than outside right now (i just noticed that wind chill too!!). i've turned on the heat and will be warm very soon. we also have this happening outside:
lots of rain!! it'll be good if the majority of it makes it to the catchment areas but gardens and parks around our neighbourhood could use a good rain too. soooooo glad its saturday and i can just stay inside all day. later, when i want to go get some more veggies to make some good warming soups like this one from soup for all seasons zac's got the work car cuz he's on-call so he can drive me to a good green grocer. for now though i'm gonna go curl up with the dog and be lazy.

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