Monday, November 18, 2013

Rubbish Free Week

Moreland council is encouraging people to participate in a  "Zero waste for a week" challenge. We just completed our week . I was surprised that it wasn't too hard to do. In Moreland we can recycle soft plastics like bread bags and other plastic wrappings so that helps (I just realized we could do this through our curbside collection a couple weeks ago-we had been collecting them up and taking them to Coles for recycling). We did end up with four pieces of rubbish for the week: a foil-like plastic wrapper from a chocolate bar we got at WVD-I'm pretty sure this sort of plastic can't be recycled with soft plastics (someone please tell me if I'm wrong), a foil-like plastic wrapper from some crackers I'd opened before the week began, the wrapper of a stock cube and the small bit of paper towel I used to re-season our wok (I probably could have used a cloth for that). We compost all our food scraps and recycle all the packaging we can. I realized we can probably downsize our bin (it's not that big anyway but if would be nice if it took up less space). Maybe we'll be able to do a completely rubbish free week in the near future.

                                    Our 1 week of rubbish 

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