Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coco Loco

Kleopatra's Brew with Kashew Milk, iced. So amazing!
We used to go to Coco Loco (High St, Northcote) fairly often but for some reason we haven't been in ages (we just haven't gone to High St. much at all). We were up there today and Coco Loco was open so we decided to stop by because Khaled makes the best chocolate drinks ever (and a lot of his stuff is vegan). The one I got was an orange flavoured chocolate drink. I got it as an iced chocolate today. So rich and chocolatey and so good! Zac got a lemon myrtle chocolate drink. Both of us had our drinks made with his homemade cashew milk. We need to go back again soon.


K said...

We have tried to go a couple of times over last fortnight and each time it was closed, what time of the day was it?

shawna said...

It was about 1pm I think (on Australia day, when half of the places on High St. were closed). Maybe he took a break after Christmas and just didn't put signs up?