Monday, November 22, 2010

coffee chocolate

zac found this chocolate in the IGA on brunswick street the other day:
can't get much better than coffee and chocolate mixed together. it didn't last very long. it was on sale 2 for $5 (i think regular price was $3.50). zac chose a mint chocolate one for the other one of the 2 we bought. i don't really care for mint and chocolate though so he'll probably have that one for himself. there was an orange chocolate one available too. i may have to somehow find time to go back there and get the orange chocolate one and another coffee one. soooo good.
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Danni said...

This chocolate is amazing. I'm seriously addicted to it. I had conniptions because I thought you said it had come to IGA in Brunswick. I was already thinking of going back down the street.

Danni said...

There's also hazelnut.

shawna said...

i was wondering if there was hazelnut cuz the ingredients said "may contain traces of hazelnut". i LOVE hazelnut chocolate.

Hannah said...

How can there be a chocolate in Australian that I haven't heard of? Oh noes! :D Am definitely going to start scouring my local IGAs for this. Thank you :)