Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i just found this photo on my phone from a couple weeks ago (not a great photo either). we hadn't been to vege2go for ages cuz i find the food kind of bland (except the garlic tossed broccoli, i really like that) and it seems a bit pricey for what it is. we were walking past one day and zac decided we needed to have lunch there (he really likes it). he got the vegan lasagne and i just got a serve of the celery and bean salad (i'd had a big breakfast). they messed up and brought both items on one plate with a spare plate for us to share with. this worked out well cuz i ended up having a small part of zac's lasagne (and he got a bit of salad). i don't know if they've changed something about the lasagne but i really liked it. the bean salad was really nice too with lots of flavour. we didn't get any dessert (i didn't really care for the vegan tiramisu we had once) but i just looked at their online menu and noticed they have a vegan cheesecake. i think i have to try it. i'm glad zac convinced me to try the place again. now i might be more up for it when he suggests it for a quick dinner (i thought he might offer to get something from there tonite since he'll be nearby and we need to have something quick and easy). he didn't say anything so i decided use the coriander pesto that i made last week and we'll have pasta with a bit of salad (if i get around to throwing the salad together before he gets home).
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Toby said...

Their vegan tiramisu used to be awesome. I had a MEH few months ago and I have been getting it and hope it will get better again but no luck yet.

Anonymous said...

I heard they used to get the vegan tiramisu supplied by SoulVeg which is when it used to taste kind of yucky. They have since stopped buying off them and make their own vegan tiramisu which is absolutely divine! If you haven't tried it in the last 6 months, you should get in there and try it again - the new recipe is awesome!
Also the choc mousse is amazing and vegan!

shawna said...

Thanks. I'll have to try the tiramisu again (it was a LONG time ago the last time I had it) and I'll have to give the mousse a go too.