Monday, November 19, 2007

its gonna be hot

we're still a couple weeks away from the official start of summer but already its getting a bit too hot. its worse during the nite when it doesn't cool down (especially when there's no breeze to even blow thru the open windows). tonite its only supposed to get down to 23C (i degree cooler than it is now). the main reason i decided not to call into work sick today (i called in sick friday cuz i couldn't talk or swallow my throat hurt so bad. today my extremely sore throat turned into a cold) was because work has air conditioning (and as of last thursday not just in the 2 rooms the kids are in but also in all the offices so even my tea break is nice now). i'm hoping the forecasts are right and tomorrow at some point a cool change is supposed to come in and then we'll be back to normal mildly cool nites and warm to hot days. now i'm gonna go wet the dog down (again) and search for my amazing cool pack my mom got me (it looks a bit like a small scarf and its filled with those beads that absorb water-- soak it in water for a few min then wrap it around your neck. keeps you a bit cool for ages).
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