Monday, October 29, 2007

home foods

i had the afternoon off so a canadian friend and i decided to head out to usa foods to pick up some stuff we missed from home. its all a bit pricey (i guess cuz of import taxes, shipping and stuff) but it's worth it to treat yourself once in a while. i had to get black beans-- i still find it weird that canned black beans aren't available here but almost every other bean is (well several other beans are at least). both of us saw the triscuits and had to put them in the cart (she got 2 boxes). i love making quick lunch pizzas with bisquick baking mix. the gigantic bottle of hot sauce is one i've been looking for everywhere-- i've tried some others but only ones made in mexico have the right taste. the liquid smoke i thought might be good to try, the pumpkin pie mix is gonna go into a pumpkin ale recipe i found and the hot tamales are for zac (who loves anything cinnamon flavoured-- hot tamales being one of his favourites). we also got a free usa foods green bag with our purchases (that was nice of them).
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