Friday, August 06, 2010

the night that nemo died

wombat has finally killed nemo. this was her longest lasting soft toy (most of them get beheaded and de-stuffed within minutes). she's had it 1 3/4 years! there's some pictures of her on her first day with nemo here. she finally found nemo's weak spot the other nite (his belly) and managed to tear him open and de-stuff him all over the lounge room. i love she doesn't eat any of his insides (or any pieces of toys she destroys). she's very good about tearing bits out and piling them next to her (or in this case, tearing them out and spreading them all over). i guess i'll be trying to find a new soft toy for her today (i would try to resew nemo but i don't think my mini sewing machine or my hand stitching would survive long). i guess i can take nemo's insides to work for the kids to make soft toys with--we've got a donated sewing machine now and the kids are encouraged to make things they'd like us (or a parent volunteer) to sew.
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