Saturday, October 04, 2008


she's actually not nervous in the photo (though she looks like it). she's annoyed i put her kong on the shelf so she would say hello to us-- she's looking over at zac hoping he'll help her.
our dog is a very nervous dog though. she gets very worried if we raise our voices (even if its not at her or each other). i got annoyed at zac today cuz i discovered he'd used our expensive microfiber cloth to clean his bike chain the other day instead of the old t-shirt rag i told him to use. wombat was sitting in between me and zac and i was standing glaring at zac cuz he wouldn't stop smiling about his mistake. wombat could see my face and got nervous (i didn't even talk at this point but i'd been using a pretty annoyed tone of voice a minute earlier). i sat on the couch and she came over to me nervously wagging her tail so i called her up for some cuddles. a minute later zac noticed a wet spot the size of a 50 cent piece on the floor by his foot (where wombat had been sitting before). he asked wombat "what's this?" and she went over to take a sniff hoping it was something good. she did her normal response to smelling her own urine-- she recoiled in horror. the poor dog had got so nervous she actually lost a little bit of bladder control! she thought she was in huge trouble for this so i sat and patted her while zac cleaned it up (it was an accident and probably an involuntary reaction). i couldn't believe the poor dog got so nervous she peed.

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kristy said...

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