Friday, October 10, 2008

best breakfast ever

i was inspired by a post i saw a few weeks ago (and i can't remember which blog i saw it on). it was an engish muffin with sliced veggie dog or sausage and melted cheezely on top. looked sooooo good. i finally got english muffins the other day but i decided not to open the veggie dogs we had but instead went for the fry's veggie burgers in the freezer. soooo good (i think cuz fry's burgers have a bit of a sausage-y spice to them). i ended up having it again today. unfortunately no photos cuz i my brain isn't awake to preform things like that at 7:30am (and i'm sure my brain still thinks its 6:30 since it's only been a few days since the time change). definitely a good protein breakfast (i need my morning protein otherwise i'm STARVING and tired by lunch time cuz we never have time to grab a snack in the morning at work).

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