Tuesday, September 09, 2008

not great

i've had a relapse with the cold-- the cough is still there and now i'm congested and constantly blowing crap out of my nose. merideth tickets went on sale at stores today so i decided that even though i felt like crap i'd go line up and make sure we get tix (only about 2000 tix are sold throughout about a half dozen locations, the other 8000 go thru the subscriber ticket ballots which happened last week and then internet sales which start thursday). i stood in line in the cold for over 2 hours, got to about 20 people from the door when they announced they were sold out! we still have a shot at internet sales on thrusday except i'll be at work from 8am and can't do it and zac's got some meeting mid-morning. hopefully we can get a friend to buy them on our behalf.
after freezing in line i wandered around brunnie street and got coffee and came back home. i had a bit of cold remedy tea left in a pot so i put it on the stove. i forgot about it and went back in the kitchen several minutes later to see our stainless steel pot (a wedding gift) was now very yellowy/brown. i took the lid off to discover there had been a fire in the pot (which was very dry with a few clove embers)!! fortunately the fire was contained to the pot but the pot is now very black and burned on the inside and yellow on the outside. i'm now airing out the house and soaking the pot. hopefully i'll be able to get it back to a usable state.

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