Sunday, September 14, 2008

the country/continent shaped like a dog head

when i was in grade 3 my teacher taught us to identify australia as the continent shaped like a scotty dog's head (with a slightly deformed ear). i thought everyone knew that australia looked like that. apparently not. zac thinks i'm crazy. i did find a couple random websites that mention it but that's all. look at the comparison though:
pretty similar. the fact that this country looks like a dog head (and that they have some of the coolest animals like koalas, kangaroos and platypus-- what's the plural of that???) always made me interested in this country and i wanted to come visit (then i met zac, came here and stayed). i definitely looks like scotty dog though.


Clazz said...

YES! THANK YOU. Everyone thinks I'm crazy too. I am but that is NOT THE POINT. It DOES look like a dog's head. No one agrees with me except you. :(

Rosemary Jones said...

I totally agree. I just Googled the internet to see if anyone else had compared Australia to a Scottie dog's head - and your blog post came up! So that makes 3 of us now!

Raven said...

I agree too and I just found out that others have no idea about this. Hahaha