Friday, September 21, 2007

a little too relaxed

rescue remedy is amazing! since we put wombat on it she slept thru the nite on her own bed 4 nites in a row (that hasn't ever happened since we got her 9 months ago)!!!! the 5th nite she got up and peed on the carpet (we weren't too impressed with that-- she'd never done that during the nite before and only once when we left her inside alone). the next several nites after that she got up to scratch herself and roll on the carpet. one nite she came over to the side of the bed, stared at me, went back to scratching, stared at me, went into the lounge room and then jumped into bed. the next morning i found a big poop on the carpet!!! i guess by staring at me she assumed i knew she wanted out (other times she's wanted out during the nite she's jumped on us and refuses to settle). so after that incident we've gotten up with her every time she starts rolling around on the floor and scratching during the nite. after getting up with her, trying to get her to go out (she jumps up on our bed as soon as one of us gets off) fighting to get her to go back to bed on her own bed (she makes herself a dead weight and resists all pushing, pulling and carrying her off), and tucking her back in she sleeps thru the rest of the nite until after zac shuts his alarm off (then she crawls into bed for a morning cuddle). last nite she didn't get off her bed at all, she just had a cleaning session in the middle of the nite and again at 7am (i think she was wondering why no alarms were going off yet). she went back to sleep after her 7am session and then i woke her up at 8am to tell her she was a very good girl and then got her up onto our bed. its sooooo nice not having to curl up around the dog at nite (although i'm not liking the 2am rolling on the floor and scratching thing).
the rescue remedy seems to really be helping her not be anxious at nite (and maybe a little bit around other animals) but we're thinking she might be a little too relaxed about using the carpet as a toilet (that's NEVER happened before she went on rescue remedy). she is always mortified about the incidents though (after the poo incident she refused to walk around that way to the kitchen for 2 days).
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