Thursday, September 13, 2007


i just realized i haven't blogged in ages (well a week). its not that i haven't had anything to write about, i just kept getting busy with stuff. i have photos of some of that stuff but they're still on the camera (usually i upload photos to the computer right away but i've been that busy). i finished my doona cover a bit more (its got a back sewn on it now so i can put the doona in it). i just need to finish the bottom edge (probably velcro closure cuz i hate the buttons and snaps we have on our other ones).
i also fixed up a t-shirt i got as a gift (it was a mens small, i changed it into a girl cut t-shirt with shorter sleeves so i'd wear it more).
the major thing i've ben doing is getting the wedding invitations done (it's more like a wedding packet-- invitation, sheet with map and accomodation options, reply card and envelope. we're only doing the reply card and envelope for people we know don't use email much-- everyone else will reply by email or phone). so far zac got the photo part of the invitation printed up and the accomodation and map sheet, the reply card didn't turn out when he printed it so i think i'll just get some paper and do it at home. all we need to do is confirm the reception venue and then i can print up the printed part of the invitation and put the whole thing together...... hopefully in the mail by tuesday.
i'm working all long days starting tomorrow and all thru next week so it's still gonna be crazy busy then the week after i think i'll be working at least 6 hrs/day (if not 10 hrs) for 4 days of the holiday program. then we're off to canada!!!!
i just noticed some really cool spring photos on my camera but i'm too tired to upload them now. will try on saturday if i don't get a chance in the hour i'm home tomorrow afternoon after work.

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