Sunday, November 07, 2010

Loving Hut and Cheesecake

when we heard this afternoon that loving hut had opened yesterday we decided to head down there for an early dinner. being newly opened, the staff were a bit confused about what they had available but they did produce a picture menu with about 10 items to choose from and told us about a couple other choices available. we chose 3 items then we were told we could also get dumplings so we added that. my photos aren't great because i kept forgetting to take them until after we'd put the food on our individual plates and started eating.
first we had crispy delight (a mock seafood dish that was really tasty):
we had to order the dish called "happy dance" (how can you go past a dish with that name plus it involved sesame and seaweed and you can't really go wrong with that):
we had a large plate of dumplings with sweet chili sauce:
and a plate of seasonal vegetables (cabbage, carrots and mushrooms seasoned with salt and pepper)

i was full when we finished (zac wasn't but its gotta be an extra large meal to fill him). the meal (with green tea) came to $49 for the two of us. we will go back again once they're more settled in (shop 10, 242 victoria st, richmond).
yesterday zac wanted to get a tuna wrap from yong green food (i think it's his favourite thing about brunswick st. right now). i'd already eaten so i decided to have some dessert: raw blueberry cheesecake.

it had a nut and seed based crust and the "cheese" part was coconut based. it was soooo smooth and creamy. they also have strawberry, chocolate and coconut cheesecakes.
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K said...

We had a similar experience, although the dumplings weren't available when we went on Sunday.