Monday, May 10, 2010

smoked tofu

i was inspired by this post and decided to make smoky vegan lasange tonite (no photos cuz i didn't take any before i cut it up and i can't cut and serve things like lasange without slopping them everywhere--there are good photos on both links though). i've had smoked tofu at CERES and forgot that i really liked it. i've never actually cooked with it though. when i was reading through the recipe the woman stated that her husband commented that it tasted a bit like smoked salmon (and it sounded like he is an omnivore t00). i loved smoked salmon and i thought how can tofu taste smoked salmon-y? i tasted a bit as i was crumbling it--- wow, it is like smoked salmon!! i think i've found a new favourite food. the flavour worked great in the lasange.


Kristy said...

Will have to check it out!

Niki said...

Yum, smoked tofu rules! Also great in a Mac n Cheese sauce. Or cut into thin slabs and marinated in soy, balsamic and nutritional yeast before frying and making BBQ burgers with.

steph said...

I'm so excited that you liked the recipe too! Also, smoked tofu is so good. I love slicing it thin and using it in sandwiches. So good!