Wednesday, June 18, 2008

not so low overnite low

that's the kind of overnite low i can handle (i think that's what it was overnite when we slept out on my mom's deck in canada a few summers ago-- there was no room in the house for us). i was expecting FREEZING like the nite before (i spent most of the nite curled in a ball with long sleeves and pants on) so i had my nice heavy mexican blanket next to the bed so when i woke up cold i could just pull it on. i didn't need it. i woke up around 5 for a while and even stuck my feet out from under the blankets cuz i was a bit warm!
it's REALLY grey outside right now but the weather forecast says it'll be fine and 18C today and there's no rain anywhere on the rainfall radar so i think i'm gonna move the rest of my laundry outside to dry (since i don't need to put the heat on, its not really drying in the house). and hopefully today won't involve any liquid falling from the sky cuz i really need those clothes to dry.

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