Thursday, August 30, 2007

perfect birthday

i guess the only thing that could have made my birthday better today would be if i didn't have to go to work but i had a good day at work anyway so it didn't really matter. zac made me coffee in bed before he left and put on the new ben harper cd that he bought for my b-day (my big gift was our trip to the beach a couple weeks ago). i fell back asleep and woke up a couple hours later, opened the window and sat in bed with my (now cold) coffee, the ben harper cd playing again and the dog curled up next to me. then me and wombat took a walk along the creek to c.e.r.e.s. she had her second ever trip to the cafe there and she did VERY well (the only other dog there was at the entrance where you would normally walk in with dogs so we went around the back to see what the cafe area was like and discovered that it was just moms and toddlers and babies everywhere so wombat was safe. i sat and had an ice coffee and fed her some treats. when i got home i got to talk to my mom over messenger while i typed to 2 other friends over messenger. that made me a bit late for work but i figured i could get away with being a bit late anyway cuz its my birthday. my co-worker got me a great gift: honey nut cheerios (my favourite breakfast cereal and there's only 1 place i know to get them in melbourne-- an american foods shop in bentleigh), maple syrup, organic chocolate bars and a cute wooden desk calendar (and a homemade card with a picture she drew of wombat). she also made me a cake (her first cake from scratch!!) and drew a maple leaf in red icing on it (i took a pic but i left it on the work camera-- hopefully someone will download it for me tomorrow cuz i have my r.d.o. so i won't be at work til monday!!). the kids were great (they've been exceptionally great the past 2 afternoons). we got out a few min early and we rode home without having to turn our bike lights on for the first time this (almost)spring (both me and my co-worker were very excited about that). zac booked a flexicar and took me out to dinner at white lotus (vegetarian mock meat chinese food with an AMAZING fish dish). the best part of today was definitely the weather-- i don't like having a winter birthday but today the weather here was the same as back home (25C here, 26C in victoria/vancouver)! its supposed to drop overnite (its still 20C now and the wind that we've had all day has died down) and tomorrow's high is only 15C with rain (its still a clear starry sky now). i was hoping to bbq to celebrate my canadian birthday and also our 1 year being engaged (we had bbq the nite zac proposed).
technically its just early in the morning on my "real birthday" (canadian time) so

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